Course curriculum

What you will be learning!

    1. Welcome to The Self-Healing Journey

    2. eBook for Week#1

    3. Determination, Courage and Faith

    4. How to establish oneself in good habits

    5. Benefits of Meditation and Prayer

    6. Leftovers and Microwaves

    7. Water and Beverages

    8. Ghee, Oils and Rotating Ingredients in Diet

    9. Agni, Srotas, Dhatus, Food Combining and Allergens


    1. Making Ghee

    2. eBook for Week #2

    3. Intro to Ayurveda

    4. Intro to Ayurveda extra #1

    5. Intro to Ayurveda extra #2

    6. Understanding Vata Energy, the one that moves!

    7. Understanding Pitta Energy, the one that transforms and digests!

    8. Understanding Kapha energy, the one that binds!

    9. The 6 Tastes, a foundation for Nutrition

    1. Reality Check Week #3

    2. eBook for Week #3

    3. Nutrition

    4. About Coffee

    5. Quality of the Food, how it should be?

    6. Pranayama Explanation

    7. Full Yogic Breathing

    8. Bhastrika Pranayama

    9. Nadi Shodhana

    10. Triphala & Probiotics

    11. Synchronization with the sun

    12. Smudging, reducing clutter & keeping your space clean

    1. Intro to Wk #4

    2. eBook Week #4

    3. Tongue Scraping & Oil Pulling

    4. Abhyanga Explanation

    5. Abhyanga Self Massage Demonstration

    6. How to make a smoothie

    7. Opening Exercises - About Yoga

    8. Opening Exercises Demonstration

    9. Sweet and Bitter Baths - Shamanic Plant Technology

    10. Neti Pot Cleanse

    11. Stages of Disease from an Ayurvedic Perspective

    1. Week #5 - Pillars of Life - Life Paths

    2. eBook Week #5

    3. Good Sleep

    4. The 4 Pillars of Life

    5. The 4 Agreements

    6. Prayer

    7. Inner Work

    8. Bound by Laws of Nature

    9. Create a Good Living

    1. Shamana Techniques and much more, this is an important video to watch. Enjoy!!!

    2. eBook Week #6

    3. Sauteing Greens

    4. Amazing Oatmeal

    5. How to make Kitchari

    6. The Blessing of Soup as a tool to heal

    7. Fasting

About The Self-Healing Journey Program

  • $297.00
  • 77 lessons
  • 15.5 hours of video content


Ayurvedic Shamanic Healer

Ayurvedic Shamanic Healer Leo Cordero

Leo Cordero is a Researcher of Spiritual Paths and Student of Life, he is a Certified Ayurvedic Clinical Specialist and Pancha Karma Therapist; a Certified Nutrition and Health Coach specialized in Holistic Nutrition, Detoxification and Purification; a Certified 500 RYT Yoga and Meditation Teacher, as well as a Shamanic Spiritual Healer and direct student of real Shamans from the Amazons under the guidance of his Teachers Taita Juan Chindoy and Taita Luis Chindoy from the Inga Culture of Amazonian Colombia. His passion for healing is based on 4 primary pillars: * Ayurveda, the Science of Life from India, which he has studied in several Ayurvedic Schools and with Doctors and Healers in the USA, India, and Costa Rica. * Yoga, is part of his daily life which he has studied over the past 18 years in the USA, Costa Rica, the Caribbean, and India. * Meditation, is one of his most dear practices. * Shamanism and Spiritual Healing.

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